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Vive la France!

French Celebrity Icons
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You've just reached french_icons where you will be able to share your icons of French Celebrities. They can either be actors, singer, politicians, you name it.

Moderator: silvertaste


- italian_icons

As any other icon community, we have some rules..


1) Be nice to the rest of the members.
2) Try to type like a human being. nO TYpING liKe THiS because it is annoying.
3) If you post more than 3 icons, please put them under the lj-cut tag. If you don't know how to use LJ tags, this is the place to go and get it all figured out.
4) Please, don't post someone else's icons and claim them as yours. Only post them if the owner lets you do so.
5) Let's spread the French love.
6) If you want to advertise your community, you can do it but it must be French celebrity related.
7) Only make posts about icons. After all, this is what the community is for.